January 30, 2015

Driver Rant

I have a lot of time to think each day on the way to work considering I drive 100 miles a day. 50 miles each way! So I came up with a list of my top 10 items that really gets me upset when driving.

1. Turn signals are not optional. They also should be used before you turn. They are meant to signal your intentions. Some one once said there worse in blah. Nope there are bad drivers everywhere.

2. Head lights and tail lights. These are required to be on in most states if your windshield wipers are also on. Turn them on. For those of you who enjoy your racing car white colored car. If you drive it in the winter turn them on. Your car is white snow is white I can't see you as well! Dusk seems to be the worst. Are the auto- on-lights all programmed that bad? You just passed 20 cars in a row with headlights on, don't you even check?

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Posted by mark at 6:33 PM