May 25, 2004

Flooding In Kenosha County

In the last 15 days or so we have had rain almost every day. Kenosha County is underwater. Some friends took almost 3 hours to get to work because of closed streets. The first picture is the flooding we had from the poor drainage on the new subdivision behind us. A few days later Jack decided he needed to play in it. The last one is some flooding on Russel Road. There are over 20 families left without a home in Kenosha County. I could not even stomaching taking a picture. Read all about it at the Milwaukee JournalSentinel

DSCN6862.jpg DSCN6906.jpg


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May 23, 2004

The Ice Cream Truck

The ice cream truck comes through the neighborhood almost every day when the weather is nice. Up until last week, I had Jack believing it was the free music truck. Now that he knows differently this summer could get expensive. Pictured below, Jack, John, Andrew and Kaley enjoying their treats. I was glad that Jack likes Buzz Lightyear because his only cost $1.00.

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May 19, 2004

Summer Vacation Plans

The boat just arrived in Milwaukee. See the artical at I wonder how succesfully this will be. I remember going to Manitowoc to get on the ferry as a child. It was cool for about the first 15 minutes and then after that boring for about 5 hours. This looks a little pricy but faster. The Lake Express.

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No Offense Mr. Rodgers

Well, I have been meaning to put some pictures of my neighbors that live the next to us. So here they are. Norman lives next door and plays paino. Eddie lives next door to Dave who has a daughter the same age as Jack. The Hodges live next to them. Maggie and Dave have added 2 more boys since this was taken. The kids were playing out front after a fire truck sprayed the house on one of our block parties. That is the house accross the street from mine John and Vicki's. Next is Larry, He was my first next door neighbor that I met. Since his Wife and sons moved I have had 2 more families living in the house. Craig, has the best poker table, bar, and karaoke machine in the neighborhood. Oh he loves Elvis. You can see how stupid grown men can get at about 4 in the morning. Pictured are Mark, Craig, Mark and Jeff. Mark lived accross the street but needed a bigger house for his twin daughters, 5 dogs, many birds and fish. He now lives a few blocks away. Vicki pictured with Mark, lives at the end of the block and is married to Kaz, They have sons the same age as Maddy.

DSCN3810.jpg DSCN3457.jpg HODGE.jpg DSCN2605.jpg

DSCN3236.jpg DSCN1665.jpg DSCN1671n.jpg DSCN1191.jpg

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May 18, 2004

Chocolate Fest 2004

On Sunday the parade was back in Burlington. I did not see that much but here are some pictures of the kids. Boy did they rake in the chocolate. The other person pictured is Maddy's friend Kiernan. This is the link to the Official Chocolate Web Site. Yee Haw! For those of you interested in next year.



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May 16, 2004

Mothers Day Part two

First of all I have to thank Siobhan for my first ever surprise birthday party. She managed to get the whole thing together without me knowing. Now that I have thanked her I must say I was upset when I found out she left the camera at home. So there are no pictures of this night however the neighbors will be seen here shortly. I was showing my Brother Scott how to do this and we ran across these pictures. The first is of Maddy, my mother Pauline and her mother Mary. Again Happy Mothers Day !

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May 10, 2004

Siobhan's Day or Mothers Day

I have known my wife for more than half of my life. Since yesterday was Mother's day and I forgot my camera. We went to Burlington to see my in-laws. I thought these would be some nice pictures of her.

DSCN1490.jpg DSCN1996.jpg DSCN2001.jpg DSCN2113.jpg

DSCN2227.jpg DSCN2255.jpg DSCN2735.jpg DSCN3573.jpg

DSCN3809.jpg DSCN5603b.jpg Dscn6230.jpg DSCN6306.jpg

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May 7, 2004

Past Snowmobile Trips

one of my pastimes here in the great northwoods is snowmobiling. Both Maddy and Jack seem to love it. I just wish I could get Siobhan to come. When the weather is right I can leave from my front door. Other times we head to northern Wisconsin. I also belong to a club. Drop by the web site, watch the MXZ do a flip and say hi to the Webmaster Bill. Pictured below are Mark and His new sled an 2001 MXZ 500, PK and Jennifer, Dano, Jeff and Craig and Lake in the Clouds MI and a real cool bridge.

DSCN1501.jpg DSCN1508.jpg DSCN1512.jpg DSCN1550.jpg DSCN1563.jpg DSCN1572.jpg DSCN1594.jpg DSCN1599.jpg DSCN1610.jpg DSCN6663.jpg DSCN6679.jpg DSCN6680.jpg

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MLB Players

One of the nicest part of the season tickets my father-in-law has is that you can see some players up close. A couple of other cool things are you can get balls and autographs rather easy. The first one is of Richie Sexson, a popular Brewer who was traded away due to lack of money from the Brewers. He is also 6' 7" tall. The next gives you an idea of just how close to the field the seats are. Rickey Henderson, who just signed a AA contract at the age of 45. Tony Gwynn, one of the best all time hitters in baseball. You have to love a guy who played for the same team for 20 years. Mark McGwire - notice the 3rd base coach. I was yelling for him to move so I could see. I also have never seen more camera flashes going off at a game. Sammy Sosa. The Brewers seem to pitch him meatballs. One year he had almost 20 dingers just from the Brewers. Ichiro, the first Japanse player to play in the majors. Alex Rodriguez - some say one of the best shortstop, now playing 3rd base for the Yankees. Two of the games finest and home town heros - Hank Aaron and Warren Spahn. Last is a picture from the opening of Miller Park.

Dscn0226ll.jpg DSCN2377.jpg DSCN2411.jpg DSCN2423.jpg DSCN2619.jpg DSCN3223.jpg DSCN3466.jpg DSCN3474.jpg DSCN3526.jpg DSCN1874.jpg

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Milwaukee Brewers Games

I have been fortunate enough to attend many baseball games at both Miller Park and County Stadium. Here are some of my favorite pictures. This first group contains Jack at his first game. Just watching the game having a beer. Maddy and her Bubba (Grandfather) Pete, who has always had great seats. The Clams in the front row, Dave, Mark Voon and Grizz. Also are some pictures from the .300 club. The exclusive club for season ticket holders. They have a very good brunch and their prime rib buffet is also pretty good. The picture at the table was my attempt to try the self timer on the camera and using a small tripod from REI. The people are Mark Anderson his dad, me and Pete. This was Mr. Anderson's birthday. He even got his first ball! I remember watching Mark McGuire taking Batting Practice and launching some rockets almost up to where we were sitting.

DSCN2135.jpg DSCN2213.jpg DSCN2229.jpg DSCN2236.jpg
DSCN2414.jpg DSCN2415.jpg DSCN2624.jpg DSCN3683.jpg

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May 5, 2004

The Office

My home office space consist of a desk 13 feet long. I have grabbed some old pictures so you can see the before and after. On the wall hangs a great shot of the torn down Milwaukee County Stadium. Thanks jim .
Also if you look closly you can see the olympic pins on the wall. Part of my collection. I have been to 6 Olympic Games. Albertville, Barcalona, Lillihammer,Atlanta, Sydney and Salt Lake City.


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May 4, 2004

Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance

Madison's girl scouts troop had the second father daughter dance at Pleasant Praire Elementary School. Is it toenail polish or fingernail polish? 11 year old girls acting their age. Here is a link to all the pictures ofoto


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