May 7, 2004

Past Snowmobile Trips

one of my pastimes here in the great northwoods is snowmobiling. Both Maddy and Jack seem to love it. I just wish I could get Siobhan to come. When the weather is right I can leave from my front door. Other times we head to northern Wisconsin. I also belong to a club. Drop by the web site, watch the MXZ do a flip and say hi to the Webmaster Bill. Pictured below are Mark and His new sled an 2001 MXZ 500, PK and Jennifer, Dano, Jeff and Craig and Lake in the Clouds MI and a real cool bridge.

DSCN1501.jpg DSCN1508.jpg DSCN1512.jpg DSCN1550.jpg DSCN1563.jpg DSCN1572.jpg DSCN1594.jpg DSCN1599.jpg DSCN1610.jpg DSCN6663.jpg DSCN6679.jpg DSCN6680.jpg

Posted by mark at May 7, 2004 4:09 PM
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