May 7, 2004

MLB Players

One of the nicest part of the season tickets my father-in-law has is that you can see some players up close. A couple of other cool things are you can get balls and autographs rather easy. The first one is of Richie Sexson, a popular Brewer who was traded away due to lack of money from the Brewers. He is also 6' 7" tall. The next gives you an idea of just how close to the field the seats are. Rickey Henderson, who just signed a AA contract at the age of 45. Tony Gwynn, one of the best all time hitters in baseball. You have to love a guy who played for the same team for 20 years. Mark McGwire - notice the 3rd base coach. I was yelling for him to move so I could see. I also have never seen more camera flashes going off at a game. Sammy Sosa. The Brewers seem to pitch him meatballs. One year he had almost 20 dingers just from the Brewers. Ichiro, the first Japanse player to play in the majors. Alex Rodriguez - some say one of the best shortstop, now playing 3rd base for the Yankees. Two of the games finest and home town heros - Hank Aaron and Warren Spahn. Last is a picture from the opening of Miller Park.

Dscn0226ll.jpg DSCN2377.jpg DSCN2411.jpg DSCN2423.jpg DSCN2619.jpg DSCN3223.jpg DSCN3466.jpg DSCN3474.jpg DSCN3526.jpg DSCN1874.jpg

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