June 30, 2004

Add this to your signs

I have now taken over 7000 pictures with my digital cameras. My Nikon 5000.

What can anyone tell me about this web site? BearShare compared to Gnuecleus.

This I really saw this and yes it was a hump (about 5 feet wide) and not a bump.


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June 28, 2004

Pridefest 2004

My neighbors, Eddy and Norman invited me to attend this years Gay Pride parade in Chicago. Although I am sure it is not as big as San Franisco or Montreal I had a very good time. I was amazed by not only the corprate floats. Like WGN channel 9, WLS ABC and Altoids but also all the liberal political floats. I thought we would at least see one Republican float. The complete pictures can be seen as always at Ofoto

Thanks for your hospiality Mike and Billy.

DSCN7001.jpg DSCN7011.jpg DSCN7029.jpg DSCN7048.jpg

DSCN7049.jpg DSCN7054.jpg DSCN7062.jpg DSCN7063.jpg

DSCN7074.jpg DSCN7084.jpg DSCN7086.jpg DSCN7090.jpg

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The Kite Show 2004

We have been going to annual show on Lake Michigan for Kites. This year we saw over 100 kites. Jack would rather climb on the rocks. There were some from Canada and some were really huge ones that had to be staked to the ground with rope like from a circus tent.

DSCN6962.jpg DSCN6972.jpg DSCN6974.jpg

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Madison's Graduation

It really is hard to believe that Maddy is now going to start Middle school. We had a luncheon for her class at the Brat Stop. I sure hope she stays in contact with her friends. Of her class of over 20 no one is going to 6th grade with her
This one picture is from her school play and the other is from the luncheon. Pictured with Mad are Kiernan and Rachel and then Alice.


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