July 25, 2004

Kenosha Bloggers

Well I finaly ran accross another local person using Blogs. It turns out I am number 5! Here is one site. Thanks to Jim

Oh and I couldn't resist this movie since it is an Election year. Nina make sure you check out the Arnie one too! Click on watch movie on the left once you get there.

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The Dude returns

Jim came in from Cali, Voon from MN and it was a great time. These are some of my oldest and oldest and dearest friends. They know who they are. Thanks for all the fun. Jim has a cool web site as well.

DSCN7194.jpg DSCN7197.jpg DSCN7201.jpg

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St. Annes Softball

On Friday nights I play on a coed softball team. I am the token Non-Catholic. I think in three years of playing on the team we have won close to 10 games. But the fellowship we have after the games more than makes up for our on field play. Us Methodist call that beer drinking! Pictured below in the smoking lounge are Dave, Jeff, Rich and Tim. In the group shot are Mark and Jim. Pictured at the women's table where discussions including Sarah giving birth at 80 are Julie, Sio, Anna and Jenny. The two love birds Barry and Theresa. The last shot is Maggie, Leann and Carrie.

DSCN7220.jpg DSCN7222.jpg

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Sign of the Times

Well leave it to people from Wisconsin to mess something up. This is up all over and of course his name is spelled wrong. Please go to my evil twin Mark Chestnutt" Web site

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Bend it Like Beckham

Maddy and Jack are playing soccer at Lake Andrea. Which means Saturday Mornings games start at 8:15 and 9:15 and are usually on oppisite ends of the park. Jack had a hat trick this Saturday. Maddy's team did not do as well. But she loves to hit those headers!


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DSCN7234.jpg DSCN7232.jpg DSCN7238.jpg

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July 22, 2004


July 12-15

Well the annual trip to the Dells was attended by the almost all of the Grandparents. Yes, Jim the inlaws were together. I did not attend I just started a new job. I now work for a contracting company called TekSystems and am on a year long contract with a company called Hospira. I also played softball against a Local Radio Station called WIIL 95.1 FM see our team picture there. Anyhow Jack and Siobhan went with Pete and Sue and her sister Nina. Also picture are My dad Tom and his wife Sue.

DSCN7142.jpg DSCN7143.jpg

DSCN7144.jpg DSCN7147.jpg

DSCN7150.jpg DSCN7159.jpg

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July 1, 2004

Clam's seen out and about

I was looking for Jimmy D and look who mark ran into. Ann and Jeff! How nice. Jeff's new car stereo was awesome.


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