August 21, 2004

Spam Camping 2004

Spam camping was held in Merrick State Park, about 40 miles north of Lacrosse on the banks of the Mississippi. We were on our own Island. The meteors were great the company awesome and the wine was free We had no moon this year.


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Olympics Review 2002

I was fortunate enough to attend the 2002 Olympics with my daughter Madison. We were there for a week! Here are some of my favorite pictures. That's Maddy and me at the Women's snowboarding halfpipe competition. Maddy with two Gold Medal winners. One in Curling and the other in Figure Skating. The flags at the medal ceremonies for the day. This is an Olmpic milestone when the Germany flag was raised. Georg Hackl won medals in five different Olympics. He is a luger! Last is Ron, Zed and myself in the Canadian house. I can't wait to se them in Vancouver in 2010




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Non Olympic Sports

There is another Non-Olympic sport I enjoy watching with my friends. John and Ed. I am watching it tonight. Ultimate Fighting can be sick, brutal and awesome. Oh and they also have the only cool web site that I can find that has a doain with .tv Find the site here. I could not find any pictures of them. But here is a card that contains 4 modems. From where we all used to work together. 3Com but the real company lives on as USRobotics

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August 12, 2004

Behind Every Cake is a Great Woman

Madison baked Siobhan a cake for her birthday. No those aren't green beans on thee cake either. Siobhan is now as old as I am. I would not be half the person I am without her. She makes me better than I thought I could be. She is my best friend, my wife and mother of our two wonderful children. I would be lost without her. Happy Birthday Hon!

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ATV's at Bong

Jack, Maddy and I went to Bong State Park with our friends. Once it was almost an airport. Now the largest prairie in S.E. Wisconsin. Jake is the speed demon. He rides almost anything. He races snowmobiles on Tia Letti Racing. Jack and I may join the team some day. Jake's dad, Jeff is the one driving Jack around notice his googles that he would not take off. Jake's younger brother A.J. is with Jack. Jack liked the mud. Jeff is also giving Maddy her first lesson. She now wants one. She also jut drove a go cart for the first time by herself and crashed Jakes motorcycle into a picnic table. All in the same week.




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August 11, 2004

3 Days and Counting

Well this is going to be the first time I have missed a Summer Olympic Games since 1988. If you are like me and forced to watch NBC's coverage here is a link to the television schedule of over 70 hours a day of programming. I hope you have HDTV and a lot of hard drives or VHS tapes.

The official web site of the games can be found here. olympics_en.gif

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