August 24, 2005

Scott's Birthday

My brother turned 35 today. So my dad and I went to Edina MN to suprise him. His wife Jolene has lived in Edina most of her life. They must have something in the water in Edina that cause cats to grow to huge proportions Henry tips the scales at well over 25 lbs. Happy Birthday Scott!. Canterbury Downs has a Sunday morning poker tournament that includes breakfast for $12. We didn't get to play but still had free breakfast and I won at Carribean Stud what a weekend!


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August 15, 2005

Spam Camping O5

Spam Camping was held for the second time at Govoner Nelson Dewey State Park near Cassville. Kathy did some killer bowling shirts this year. I had a great time the weather was nice but cloudy at night so you could not see the meteors but there was a clearing around 3 am Sunday morning but by that time I only had one contact in and here I thought I was going blind from the $4 bottle of Scotch from 1983. The windmills were pretty cool half way to nowhere.


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August 7, 2005

Allstate 400

I was able to go to Indianapolis for the Allstate 400 formerly the Brickyard 400. This is a NASCAR event. A friend was able to get cheap tickets in turn 3 for $65. This was my first event ever. It was very hot, I did not take a lot of pictures but here is one of Rusty Wallace and Dale Ernhardt Jr. getting smoked by the eventual winner Tony Stewart


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August 6, 2005

Peter and Nicole Get Hitched

Peter, Siobhan's brother got married on August 6th. Siobhan sang at the wedding. Maddy was a junior bridesmaid and Jack was a ring bearer. The reception was at the Racine Marriott. Of course Jack was the hit of the the celebration dancing nonstop for over an hour. Thanks to Hugh Jack even got a ride around the parking lot at church.
Congratulations Nicole!


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August 3, 2005

The Chestnuts Head to St. Louis

We took a real fast trip to St.Louis. We left Kenosha after work on Wednesday . We went to the Arch on Thursday and Went to see the Brewers play the Cardinals before they tear down Busch Stadium at the end of the year. I have now been to the following Staduims that no longer exist Cominsky, Fulton County, Kingdome, Arlington,and Milwaukee County, Jack was upset that there were not a lot of Brewer fans in the stadium. Oh by the way I made it home from the game by 10 pm!


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