February 23, 2007

Sayner, Wisconsin

Another execellent trip. This time we went north to Mercer on the first day. The second day I swear we saw Don Rickels. We headed into the UP of Michigan. We were at a bar called Da Flowage. They have there own web site. I will always remeber one of the things I learned on this trip. " Sasha spelled backwords is Bob". The cabin was really interesting as you can tell from the picture of Jeff. All of the bedrooms had really interesting shapes cut that lowered the ceiling. Thanks again "Big Air" Gino, Jeff, P.K, Dan, me, Scott and "Royce"


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February 7, 2007

Twinhan 32500

Well I bought a HDTV Tuner card with remote for $60. A Twinhan 32500 it came with wireless remote control an audio cable and a cd. I upgraded from 768 Meg to 1.5 Gig and the video card is now a AGP 8X NVIDIA GeoForce 6200 128 meg but the motherboard only supports 4X. Everything seems faster though. I still have had no luck on the capturing the stream as an mpeg 2 file. I tried Scott’s suggestion of using the same, buggy 2.65 Build 01 software, that created it play it back. It appears to try to launch the playback window on a second monitor (DVI) which I am going to test. I just wish I could find a program that would be a great software interface by changing the channels and allowed you some more flexibility with the codecs. I am trying Beyond TV for 21 days and I did try Enigmavision HDTV looks like a great playback program and give it thumbs up.. I just hope I can get it to work with the remote control! Madnas has a sample of what a good output could be. I am going to try another gig stick and see what the results are as well. Stay tuned.

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