February 23, 2006

Wednesday at the Olympics

We recieved an expected suprise when we were able to stay an extra day in Torino and then only have to buy 1 ticket to speed skating. It was really cool, The Dutch travel with their own "Small Beer" band. Maddy loved it because most of the stadium was Orange. In the end Canada won the gold and silver but the Dutch really liked to Party for a bronze. The two macots Gliz and Neve and Maddy outside the train station Porta Susa.


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February 22, 2006

Tuesday night Olympics

Today was we saw the torch! It was like the leaning tower of Piza :) Madison the aspiring journalist with aa high ranking Italian Officer and then she ate the whole thing!


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February 20, 2006

Torino Olympics Day 2

Buses, trains, and cable cars oh my! We went into the mountains today. To get to the Bobsled we walked about 15 minutes then took a bus to a train to another bus to a cable car. It snowed the whole time in the mountains it was like a blizzard it looked like it was coming down in on solid mass. Maddy's jacket is not snow proof or so we found out. She was completely soaked. The sleds were cool and cost upwards of 200.000 Euros. That is why Jamica did not field a team according to a coach from Poland who finds Lake Geneva, WI very charming.


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Monday Torino Olympics

Today we did not have any tickets so we went shopping. Torino seems to have a lot of parks (Piaz's) in the city and very beautiful statues. Maddy loved it. We shopped for Maddy;'s favorite food group Choclate and even became journalists as we attended the Italy House for some free cocktails and food.


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February 19, 2006

Olympics Day 1

Madison and I started our trip on Friday leaving Kenosha at noon and ended our first day after midnight Saturday.

We were able to take a bullet train, Sorry Sio no Target store here. It got us directly from the airport in Milan to Turin in 1 hour and 20 minutes traveling at over 180 MPH! It was the fastest I have ever been on land. I caught NBC's announcer John Davidson and snapped this picture. The Swiss really now how to party. Hopp Suisse!


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