March 31, 2006

Jeff and Courtney's reception

Last Saturday we went to the Janz Club and danced the night away. Jeff whom we have known for 10 years and his new wife Courtney had a reception. Maddy was able to hang out with Katie whom she has known since she was 3! Jack thought it was cool to hang out with Jake and A.J. and hit on the chicks. Maddy even thought Mom's and Dad's friends were fun. Right Jeff, and Craig!


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Scott's dot Auto Show

I was able to go to Edina for 3 days this past month. We watched a great start to March Madness! We even made it to the Minneapolis auto show. Thanks for going with me and the pictures! Here is also a link to just one of his blog entries I think is cool!


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March 3, 2006

Olympic Pins from 94

The first picture is from my on going collection ranging from LA 84 to Vancouver of Lapel Pins. Some of the other weird stuff trims the outlines. The next two are from The Winter Olympic in Lillehammer, Norway 1994. I only collect sponsor pins and if there is a set I would perfer to get the whole set. If you have something you think I may want please feel free to drop me an email. As always clicking on the pirtures themsleves will show you a larger image.


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