April 29, 2006

Universal and Disney

Universal has taken a ride from Disney, Dumbo, and made it so much cooler it is called One Fish Two Fish. It was identical to the Dumbo ride in Disney including he 30 minute wait time for one ride that lasted exactly 90 seconds. This one had a twist though there were there spraying areas and you did get wet!


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Easter 2006

Our family took a vacation for Easter it was our first real family vacation in over 3 years! Thanks Tom and Sue we had a great time with you at the Bonnett Resort. Maddy and Jack liked the pool at ther resort. It was an ok place to stay. Jack was able to enjoy a day at Legoland and have a volcano at Rain Forest Cafe. and turn into Hulk all inside of a week Universal Island of Adventure was pretty cool. Maddy and and I went on every rollor caster and jack barly got wet! We also found Pluto hanging out in Disney's Animal Kingdom.



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April 12, 2006

Badger's Win Frozen Four

Thanks to my mom's friend Monty we had some awesome tickets. Her and I were able to go the semi-finals and see Wisconsin beat Maine. Scott and I got to go the chanmpionship game! It is the second time we have seen Wisconsin win the NCAA championship in Mens Ice Hockey. The last time was in 1990 in Detriot at Joe Louis Arena. Hopefully it won't be so long next time! But how do we now tell are wives that next year is in St. Louis and the Badger's Goalie is only a junior.


This next picture is a picture of Mark Johnson signing an autograph on Maddy's 1980 USA Olympic Team Jersey. Mark, won the NCAA Championship as a freshman, an Olympic gold medal in mens Ice hockey and ws the coach of the Badger's woman's hockey team that just won a chamipionship as well. If you don't know the sign guy then you have never been to a Badger hockey game in the last 20 years! 1,2,3,4,5,6 we want more!


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