May 13, 2006

Olympic Pictures framed

Ofoto or now Kodak Gallery had a sale on posters awhile back. It was a great deal 20" x 30" for $11.50. I decided to have some made I needed the dude to create the masterpiece however. I then had them mounted and placed in my office next to my posters from Torino. Thanks for your help Jim.


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May 5, 2006

Please Barry

Like him or hate him he does bring an emotional response in every single person who has heard or read something about him. Who am I talking about? Barry Bonds, who only played 1 game in Milwaukee0 for 4 after getting beaned in praciice the day before. However please hit lots of foul balls I just want one of the marked balls. This picture is Al's

05-03-06 MKE02D-s.jpg

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