January 19, 2006

Televison Schedule Announced

NBC has announced their television coverage for the upcoming games which are now less than 25 days away. Maddy and I are scheduled to go to the following events so far. On February 18th will see Mens Hockey Canada vs. Switzerland this should be on MSNBC live here in the states at 8:30 am Central. Maddy wanted to watch Dany Heatley play. On February 19th we will see the 2 man bobsled finals. I have never seen this event and really wanted to before. This will be covered as part of NBC's primetime coverage on Sunday. On the 20th we will try to go the medal ceremonies to see the winners of the bobsled get their medals. Then for the last event we are scheduled for is Menís Ice Hockey on February 21 Switzerland vs. Italy. It should be fun to see the home team cheered on. This too will be seen on MSNBC and should be on live starting at 5:30 am Central.

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