June 26, 2005

Ishpeming Michigan

One weekend in April we took an unexpected trip to Ishpeming MI. There was still snow there! Here is a picture of the ski jump called Suicide Hill. I took this with the wide angle lens. You can see that the iron ore strip mine is closing in on it. I was told they are talking about moving the jumps. The mines are hiring! I have not known a time since I was young that that was true. This is the second time I have been to a place in two different seasons. The last time I was at this bar I drove on the snowmobile with Maddy and the prairie riders and no where near this intersection


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Milwaukeee County Zoo

Maddy and Jack went to the Milwaukee County Zoo for the annual visit witrh Siobahn and Aunt Nina. I think this picture Siobhan took of Jack and the peacock is so cool. I really think I will have to go there this winter.


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Summer Wedding Part 1

I was an usher at Barry and Theresa Laab’s wedding. They had the same priest and the same photographer as her parents did over thirty years ago. I could not tell who was more nervous at the rehearsal Theresa’s or her father Jimmy Spilato. ! The church was old school Catholic as evince by Mark Rogan with the Elvis has left the building sign. The group Picture is the entire St. Anne’s softball team past and present. The reception was at U. W. Parkside’s Union. I think that is the first time I every had a shot in the Union! . I have about 5 of these pictures some place with Siobhan and the bride.
Rich and Deb dancing I am sure they have done this at Blarney’s Island a time or two! It was such a great reception!

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Memorial Day 05

We went to the neighbor’s house it was all of about 60 degrees out but Jack blue lips and all enjoyed the day. I just enjoyed the company and the ribs! Thanks Dave.


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