February 27, 2009

Forgotten Pictures from China

I thought I had posed some of these. Apparently I had not. The first one is a picture taken inside the Forbidden City in a room one of a trillion. This was the Emperor’s birthday room. Outside my subway stop which was only about 3 blocks from my hotel I heard music one day and this is what I saw. There was not even a hat to leave tips. Just music from what I have no clue. This was one of the cleanest Chinese bathrooms I saw. This was at a subway station inside the Olympic Park that was not open during the games. Note the water running. Yes, Craig, this is an aerial drop! Larry and I had a knack for finding a cheap place to eat. I can’t remember how much we paid but it was under $10. I also think that the government cleaned up the place a bit. Those peppers if I remember were really spicy. I had tickets to a Day session of Track and Field. I was in the second row! I traded the security guard for his seat in the front row and was looking right above the Women’s Long Jump qualifying. We also were at Track and Field in the evening and saw the back of Bolt during his medal ceremony. We were in the really cheap seats so we were slow in leaving and this was taken on one of the ramps as we exited the Bird’s Nest. Police, Army, Government Officials were everywhere. Many people said they spoke English but few could carry on a conversation. But the Chinese people would talk to sometimes ten other people until they found some to help you.



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February 24, 2009

Eagle River Snowmobile

The annual snowmobile trip has completed year 9. The place we have been staying at rocks. This was a 5 bedroom, 4 bath 3800 sq. ft. house. Unfortunately all the rooms are not furnished and the place did not have ESPN. The basement only had one bedroom furnished. There was no furniture in the second bedroom in the basement or the great room which was huge. From The Orange shirt clockwise thats John, Gino, Craig, Jeff and Dano. Friday’s ride was nice! This was taken outside North Twin Lake near Phelps. I decided to see how close I was to the border and 10 miles later I found out. I only saw four cars on the 30 minute ride to the end of Hwy 17 in the state of Wisconsin. John decided to grow hair in a place called Irish Waters in Three Lakes right on Hwy 45


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