September 17, 2008

Second Day

My second day I spent going to Workers Stadium, to see the USA men’s Soccer team get beat and beat badly by a better Nigerian team. I liked to take pictures of signs so here are two shots I took that day. One is just plain wrong on so many levels. This was a motorcycle I wished I knew more about. It looked like it had been parked in a no parking zone for quite some time. The female police officer seemed to ask if it was mine and when I showed her my camera she understood that I just wanted to take a picture of it.



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September 12, 2008

My first full day in Beijing two in Beijing started off interestingly enough. I got up real early at 6 am and realized that no one had running drinking water in the campus. These jugs were filled and left at the end of each dorm. This appeared to be an all girls dorm. I never figured out where they got the water. I bought 1 liter bottles for less then .50 every day. On my way to pick up my tickets I saw a car like Siobhan’s. The only thing I could find that was made in the USA was some Buicks. They were few and far between but considered a luxury. Most of the cabs that cost around $4.00 were Korean Hyundais. The video shoot of me walking out with my Packers shirt and tickets was a reenactment but really took place on this day. Not a bad actor right? But I did go to the Canada vs. China baseball game. It will probably not be seen as an Olympic sport again any time soon. This is primarily for two reasons. First, Major League Baseball will not release the players for a month. The second reason, well like Hank said I won’t even go there. The sky was very well, let’s just call it solid. But see what I said about empty seats. This was the larger of two baseball stadiums. I really believe this was from the government seeding the clouds. The next day it rained hard and blue skies followed with very little clouds expect for my last day. This was a picture of the subway line one which I took everywhere for only .33 each way. I meet some ladies from Spain’s basketball team. They had just won but where playing the US women’s team the next day. Jack watches a show on Disney with a person named similar. This is also called an accreditation badge. There were numerous different levels from coaches, media and even volunteers. She apparently played in the WNBA briefly for SLC. It is a shame that more opportunities for women like her do not exist.



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September 4, 2008

The Zips come to town

Jack and went to Saturday's game. This was a real barn burner they palyed the Akron Zips. It was over 90 degrees out and we were inthe sun for most of it. I got to love this new camera. The first shot is of the Badgers first TD pass. Ball carried by P. J Hill and the student section singing if you want to be a Badger.


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September 3, 2008

My first day in Beijing August 12 2008

My hotel was inside the secure campus of Beijing University of Chemical Technologyor BUCT. This statue of Mao Zedong was present at the front entrance to the campus I needed to show my room key in order to gain access. The remaining are from the nights session of beach volleyball. I believe that is the Austrian women playing against Brazilians. Please no Bush jokes. The second is the USA men’s team #2 being interviewed by the NBC snotty chick. I mean where else could you go to see Ironman, Mr. Incredible and Superman in the same place



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