October 3, 2008

Smog Fog and Hotels

Well, most of the questions I have been asked concerned air quality and where I stayed. The first picture was taken on the 3rd day I was there To me it really seemed as they seeded the clouds because that day was so foggy before it rained steadily for over four hours. Then a day later I took a similar shot of the exact same building. This I think was a hotel but check out those big screens! The next picture was of a key of sorts. I had to place in a slot if I wanted electricity to work any place in my room. I had to take it with me during the day as it was also my room key. I wonder how much energy we would save by making this a requirement for all hotels in the US. My room consisted of two twin beds with a TV that actually had 9 stations. One was English speaking but that showed no Olympics. During off season this room is about $60.00 a night including breakfast. I also found two things about the beds they do not have what we would call a mattress these were box springs. I was told that was normal in China. The bathroom was just fine but look closely and you can see I did bring my own T.P. I refused to use the sandpaper they had.



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