October 22, 2006

Camp Randall Pictures

My wife was nice enough to let me get season tickets to the Wisconsin Badgers football games this year. Jack went to his first game ever! He was great for the first half but it slowly became evident that the game was too long. The other pictures were shot at a game with Siobhan. The 5th quarter is a tradition win or lose in Madison. The band will continue the party for about another hour. Another college tradition is a good beer bong. The one guy actually did two and was still standing. We also saw some T-shirts with Ann Arber printed on them but thats a totally different site. I ran across this web site that takes pictures of the crowd and then sells them.


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Pictures of House

I had been justly accused of not placing any pictures of our new house on my blog. So I thought I would rectify that situation. As you can see from the pictures. The dining room, The kitchen and the deck on the back of the house.


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Summer Catch Up

Jack has played soccer for 3 years now. He really liked the team he was on last year with Coach Gino and Nick. So we decided to move him up a year. Although he was not the best kid out there he held his own with kids that were a year and two years older than him. He scored about 5 goals this past season.


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