February 15, 2010

Dude Where's my Passport?

These were some of the bad pictures I took the weekend Jim was supposed to meet and drive with me me up to Vancouver. But he claims he lost his passport and now I am a blog critic too, NBC broadcast is by far the worst ever! I will not even begin to bore you with the 100 + reasons it is so bad! Cris Collinsworth  at the award ceremonies. I mean get real!
I was fortunate to go to Vancouver this past August. The first picture was taken as driving in Richmond near the airport. The next was a view most people will not see. This has been blocked during the games. I was fortunate enough to speak to some of the guys who worked on the roof and the stats were amazing. This like the media center was made of ash borer wood that was salvaged. If you watch when they are at the fireside you can see the wood in the background. Oh and this was the first time ever a venue had been open to the public prior to the games!



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