July 14, 2008

Sydney 2000 revisted

I ran across some pictures and thought I should post them. I was fortunate enough to be in Sydney for the entire Olympic Games. I took the first picture on a train while I crossed the Sydney Harbor. At the time I did not realize I would be watching the closing ceremonies from the building I was taking a picture of. The next one was take a few hours after the Closing Ceremonies were over. You can see the opera house beneath.
The third shows 2 classes of tickets I had bought a B class ticket on the street earlier that day for $15. In the last shot I was fortunate enough to go the swimming finals. Someone gave me a ticket. This shows two Team USA swimmers. One is Dara Torres bronze medal around her neck to her right is the gold medalist Inge de Bruijn from the women’s 50 meter Freestyle.



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